Emotional Healing Home Page
Help With Grief, Anger, Fear And Other Difficult Emotions


Each of us is on a journey of healing and awakening. Along the way we experience joyous feelings, as well as "dark" ones.

We try to avoid, deny and suppress these uncomfortable feelings, but that only gives them more power. There is a better way.

The focus of this website is emotional healing through our retreats and counseling. Our Grief, Loss and Other Difficult Emotions Retreats help people caught up in grief, as well as other stuck feelings. Our Breaking Through The Old Story Retreats are larger retreats for those who feel stuck.

At all of our retreats we create a
safe and loving community to support each individual. It's from this love and safety that we can do our healing work together.

We view all emotions, including the painful ones, as having an essential value. View the pages of this site that interest you. Each feeling is explored in detail. You'll learn what it feels like, how it makes you behave, and
what gift it offers you. Start with the feeling that is most difficult for you to learn more about it and discover the gifts it offers you when you work it through.

Ultimately, all emotions come from and return to Love. We grieve because we've lost someone or something we loved. At the deepest levels we are Love, and as personalities we are all learning to love and be loved.

Learning to love is the process of awakening, awakening to our true nature as creative Beings of Love and Light.

These pages are a guide to this working through and discovering the treasures within waiting for each of us.

My very best wishes on your emotional healing journey.

Jon Terrell, M.A.